Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Band-aid Ring

This is the story of a ring that needed to be rescued.
I cast a lot of my stuff. Casting does not always mean easier!! It is still time consuming. So when a ring or a cast element does not come out right it is still frustrating. This ring was about to be thrown into the melting pot (the beauty of metal when some thing doesn't work out). I had an idea, maybe it could be rescued.
As you can see it has a big hole in it.

I filed the hole so I could insert a piece of metal 

 I then soldered a piece of gilding metal (a mixture of copper and brass) into the space.

 I then cut and filed it away to be part of the ring.

I chose the gilding metal because I wanted the mending to be obvious. We all have a scar or two!!


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